Regional Representatives

The WWSAC Council collaborates with two non-voting representatives from each region in order to maintain a close relationship with members from across the state. As an extension of the WWSAC, the Regional Representatives serve as ambassadors of the council to maintain a pulse of the needs and desires of our state-wide female soccer community.

Our Regional Representative leaders further the WWSAC mission by—

  • Advocating for educational and professional development opportunities.
  • Help grow council membership by promoting female events and programs throughout the year.
  • Serving as a direct link to the community for guidance on trends and issues within female soccer.
  • Attending two WWSAC board meetings designated as platforms for Regional Representative’s assessments and reviews.

North Central | Allie Rogosheske & Jim Wendels
Northeast | TBD
Northwest | Leiah Fundell & Megan Frank
South Central | Jessica Nash & Tony Wright
Southeast | Heather Robare & Robert Williams
Southwest | Bruce Waldron & Nicole Lukic