2020 Symposium

The Wisconsin Women's Soccer Advisory Council together with Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association is proud to present the 2020 Women in Soccer Symposium. From within the Wisconsin border and beyond, this event brings together the framework of our sport — coaches, administrators, officials and sports science experts.
The Symposium is the pinnacle of the year for our membership to both energize and educate our community leaders, to Celebrate Females in Soccer. We salute the trailblazers who have paved the way for the next generation, to close the gap in equality for an enriched player experience and drive for credible leadership. Our guest speakers are a blend of local, national and international expertise to address on and off the field topics to not only improve our female player’s experience in the game, but also to provide valued career opportunities.

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Thanks to our partners for supporting and promoting our endeavors—the future of Wisconsin Women in Soccer has never looked so bright!

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The 2020 Symposium will feature Jill Ellis, former USWNT Head Coach, as the keynote speaker!